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my home work
Friday, 31 October 2003
How to Protect Yourself From Quackery?
There are several ways from which we can protect ourselves from quackery. First of all let us define the word quackery, it's an untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice and treatment. We should never listen to their advices. Secondly, let us see the ways that we can protect ourselves and stay away from these advises. We should never listen to advices from unskilled people who pretend to know what they're saying. Thirdly, we should ignore all the attractive advertisements that we see in the daily newspapers. Some of them might be faulty but still some might be right, just incase we should ignore all of them. Finally, to prevent ourselves from serious injuries and sickness we must listen to the advise of a skilled person if we have a certain problem.

Posted by al-awadhi85 at 10:41 PM EET
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Tuesday, 21 October 2003

"How to advertise a product"

There are many ways to advertise a product. First, you need to know the tastes and preferences of customers. By knowing the tastes of customers you will be able to know how to attract the customers. Second, your advertisement should be new and unique. An advertisement should not be repeated so that it won't be boring to customers. Third, you should put your advertisement in daily newspapers or places that you know that most customers check. Finally, you have to talk about what's the product's about, it's usage and ways to use it. These are some ways of how to advertise a product.

Posted by al-awadhi85 at 7:43 PM EEST
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"How to find a good job"

There are many ways to find a good job. First, you should look for a job requests. You may find a job requirements in newspapers, internet, and from special exhibition for jobs. Second, you need to make a good C.V. or resume. In a C.V. or resume the organization will have a good background about your education, experiences, and skills. Third, you should have to be fluent in both Arabic and English. It's mostly requested to have more than one language. Finally. You should have some computer skills. These are just a few ways to find a good job.

Posted by al-awadhi85 at 7:41 PM EEST
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Tuesday, 14 October 2003
The way of advertisment
An advertisment is promoting a specific product or a service.First,we should know and study the socity we are promoting the service or that we will promoting the right place.Second,we need to know the demand of customers and thair taste.By knowing the demand of customers and their taste, we will be able to know what kind of products they are willing to buy.Finally, an advertisment should be unique and avoid repetition.People will not pay attention and have any interest in an advertisment that is reapeted and not new .These are just some of the way of advertisment a product or service.

Posted by al-awadhi85 at 9:44 PM EEST
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Posted by al-awadhi85 at 7:39 PM EEST
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